Video c. 1963 – 2012

C. 1963  In S.F. handing out leaflets, interviewed, @ a demonstration:

Pat Maginnis in vintage TV interview, c. 1963
Watch this vintage interview footage with Pat c. early 1960s, an excerpt from Dorothy Fadiman’s remarkable documentary, “Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance.”

January 21, 2012: @ The West Coast Rally for Reproductive Justice:

Watch this powerful speech describing the horrific incident that made Pat commit her life to reproductive justice for women.

Nov. 2, 2011: @ Occupy Oakland General Strike

50+ years of person-to-person activism: Pat’s still spreading the word, @ Occupy Oakland’s historic General Strike, days after she was released from the hospital for cardiac problems. Outpacing younger compatriots, she marched on to block the Port of Oakland’s gates with 30,000 other Occupiers. She attends General Assemblies regularly, and fellow Occupiers look forward to her homemade split-pea soup.

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