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Pat speaks @ the West Coast Rally for Reproductive Justice

11 Mar

On Saturday, January 21, 2012, Pat spoke at the West Coast Rally for Reproductive Justice on the horrific incident that made her devote her life to eradicating abortion laws in the United States, and offered inspiration for the future.

Watch Pat tell the story of this historic moment.

Pat speaks @ International Women’s Day in San Francisco, March 8, 2012

8 Mar

ImagePat spoke on the War on Women @ the International Women’s Day concert sponsored by BAACOR, Planned Parenthood and NOW  Pics/video to come.

From the event website:
Patricia Maginnis, a long-loved activist and cartoonist, is one of the most esteemed feminist pioneers whose work helped the fight for safe, accessible abortions. She helped establish the Association to Repeal Abortion Law in California in 1966, and helped 12,000 women find abortions outside the country by 1969. Maginnis continues to make active contributions to spreading awareness of women’s rights, and will be speaking at Yoshi’s about the latest feminist issues concerning contraception and cosmetic safety.